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Trafford Palazzo is the evolution and next generation of the Trafford Centre, bringing enhanced beauty, glamour and innovation over the next 30 years.

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Trafford Palazzo is a £300m investment adjoining The Trafford Centre at the heart of TraffordCity. It provides the space and backdrop for global brands to showcase their latest flagship stores, new design concepts and product ranges.

The unique architecture and design under a fully glazed roof provides the opportunity to host a true blended mix of retail and leisure. Trafford Palazzo is the place where 5 million everyday adventurers each year come to find everything they never expected.


Trafford Palazzo offers the perfect backdrop for any event or activation, with impressive architecture and an ideal mix of retail and leisure attractions to draw in the crowds.

Revel in the unique space which will be tailored to your event. Imagine a space to create a truly distinctive occasion to enhance your customer experience.

There's also no need to worry about the unpredictable British weather, with our covered roof, we provide a huge indoor space for your bespoke event.



We're passionate about supporting local homegrown talent and small businesses.

Whether you're a creative looking for space to showcase your talent, local sports club, a performer, producer of local handmade products or a food vendor we'd love to help you.

And we think you'll be surprised at how flexible and affordable our spaces are. Talk to us!


Trafford Palazzo Vision Brochure


Find out what our vision is for Trafford Palazzo along with all the finer details including investment, floorspace and vital statistics.

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