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In support of Baby Loss Awareness Week

Guests who have been impacted by pregnancy issues and trauma are invited to light a candle to remember those who have been lost during pregnancy and childbirth.

Trafford Palazzo’s iconic fountain will once again be steeped in coloured light for the third year running with candles lit – bringing bereaved parents, friends and family together in a safe and supportive remembrance.

Join us from 6.30pm with candle lighting at 7pm

Visitors will be able to buy candles and stars of remembrance with funds raised from sales and donations at the event going to support,Tommy’s, the largest UK charity carrying out research into the causes of miscarriage, stillbirth, and premature birth.

The event which was held for the first-time in 2021, has been organised in conjunction with Tommy’s and the Rainbow Clinic team of midwives at Saint Mary’s Hospital in Manchester who provide a specialist service for women and their families in a subsequent pregnancy following previous complications.

This is also alongside a group of female business leaders whose lives have been directly impacted by pregnancy, and baby loss as well as premature birth.

from one of our visitors...

"We’ve visited the Wave of Light event at Trafford Palazzo for the past two years. It’s such a beautiful place to spend, what I consider to be, a significant and emotional time.

Being around other bereaved families, and the staff from St Mary’s, is a comfort and a reminder that you are not alone in the heartbreak that is baby loss.

This year we will be at the event to light candles for our baby Sonny & baby J."

Shedding new light on the causes of stillbirth, miscarriage and preterm birth

Kate Holland, Senior Business Marketing Partner at Peel L&P, said: “We are proud to host the Wave of Light remembrance event at Trafford Palazzo, as part of Baby Loss Awareness Week to bring bereaved families together and allow them to unite with others across our communities alongside raising awareness of the important work the Tommy’s Rainbow Clinic in Manchester does for the region.

“Being able to support Tommys each year for the Wave of Light is a privilege for all those involved . The charity is shedding new light on the causes of stillbirth, miscarriage and preterm birth and have been significantly improving outcomes for mothers, their babies and their families.”

£2.4m invested in the last year to help save babies’ lives

Jacqui Clinton, Tommy’s Fundraising Director, said: “As the leading pregnancy charity funding research, we’ve invested over £2.6m in the last year to help save babies’ lives. Continuing to make research breakthroughs is essential for shaping and improving the support that’s available for anyone who sadly loses a baby, and it’s thanks to our incredible supporters that our dedicated researchers, doctors, nurses and midwives have achieved so much so far.

"We’re extremely grateful to Trafford Palazzo for hosting this event, connecting a community, spreading awareness, and raising vital funds for our work.”

1 in 4 pregnancies end in loss during pregnancy or birth, and 53,000 babies are born prematurely in the UK each year. Tommy’s exists to to stop the heartbreak and devastation of baby loss and make pregnancy safe – for everyone.


The Tommy’s Manchester Research Centre focuses on understanding the causes of stillbirth, developing treatments to prevent it, finding ways to identify which pregnancies are at risk, and working with the NHS to improve antenatal care to help reduce stillbirth rates in the UK. Since 2010, the research centre has reduced the stillbirth rate in the Greater Manchester area by 32% against a much lower national average rate of reduction.

All the money raised at Trafford Palazzo’s Wave of Light event will help Tommy’s to support families during pregnancy, baby loss and premature birth, while Tommy’s scientists continue their work to find out why pregnancy sometimes goes wrong and how it can be prevented.

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