Store news | 11 April 2023


Prepare for a world of glittering scales, humongous tentacles and inquisitive sea turtles. Dive in and make the most out of your visit with an upgrade to one of SEA LIFE's VIP experiences!

Are you ready for an experience of a lifetime?

with Sharks

Get right up close and personal with some of the most feared creatures of the deep as you snorkel in our Ocean Tunnel.

Submerge yourself in the brand new snorkelling cage and come closer to the creatures of the deep.


Meet and feed Ernie and Cammie our resident Green Sea Turtles.

Come face to flipper with the magnificent giant green sea turtles, as you join them for a lunch date you will never forget!

A member of the animal care team will be on hand to assist you and teach you all about Cammy and Ernie, their individual stories, their diet and their habitats. They can also answer any sea-related questions you may have.

Beyond the surface

It takes lots of care and attention to keep all of our beautiful marine creatures fed, happy and healthy.

Now you can step behind the scenes with one of our knowledgeable team members and discover how we care for our marine and fresh-water animals.

virtual reality experiences

Experience Virtual Reality below the surface!

Experience the ocean from a whole new angle with the immersive Virtual Reality experience.

Choose from 4 different ocean and sea creature themed experiences as you take a virtual journey below the surface! Don't miss the VR pods inside the aquarium, located just after the ocean tunnel.


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