Trafford Palazzo Wellness Event Round Up!

Trafford Palazzo's Wellness Event has been jam-packed with a series of activities & events centred around four key pillars including nutrition, the environment, emotional wellbeing, social & fitness.

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From yoga classes to motivational talks, Trafford Palazzo's Wellness Event has been bursting with exciting, fun-filled activities for the whole family to enjoy. 

Find out more below: 

  • Sketch Me Up hosted a 'wellness colouring in wall' to encourage people to relax & focus by using mindfulness & creativity. Sketch Me Up design hand-created art prints & gifts inspired by pop culture, people & places. Find out more here

  • Laura Jones held a number of yoga, breathwork & meditation classes for adults and children to encourage relaxation & calmness. Laura is an experienced Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher, find out more

  • Kates Crafts hosted a range of craft activities in which children made dream-catchers and worry dolls to encourage peaceful sleep & mindfulness. As well as hosting a natural picture-making workshop for adults. Find out more here https://www.katescraftparties....

  • Joyful Living held a 'Life after lockdown' talk, as well as offering wellness advice, yoga techniques & meditation methods aimed at helping people with the most common challenges of working remotely. Find out more here

  • Mark Bryce, a qualified Coach & Trainer, hosted a motivational talk on how to change mindsets & get people thinking in a way that motivates them to take action and reach their goals. Find out more

  • Trafford Palazzo hosted Garden Games which involved a range of exciting activities such as Jumbo Jenga, Connect 4 & many more.

  • Manchester Museum offered talks with environmental experts, arts and craft activities such as badge making, & a visit from Manchester Museum Vivarium to show off their reptile & amphibian friends! Find out more here

  • UKTC Taekwondo hosted free demonstrations & taster sessions for their members and club! UKTC is a non-profit-making organisation that dedicates itself to promoting the art of taekwondo. Find out more

  • Seal Life MCR hosted a drop-in Q&A on how humans impact our oceans, plus an interesting show & tell using real fossils. Find out more here

  • Feel Good Club are on a mission to make you feel good and support people in becoming their best & happiest self! During Wellness Month they hosted a Pop-Up selling merchandise which was a huge hit! Find out more

  • Manchester Gymnastics showcased a range of fantastic classes hosted at the academy which left us all in amazement. Find out more here https://manchesteracademyofgym...

  • Little Groovers hosted musician-led interactive classes for 0-4s around singing, percussion & fun. These sessions were designed to develop a child’s natural rhythm & musicality - with fun interactive songs and rhymes. Find out more

  • Rezzil offered visitors a free taster play on their VR headset game, Player 22, allowing players the chance to redefine their skills and decision-making to help perfect timing for that killer pass. Find out more

  • Smoothie Bike ran a fun activity offering people the chance to cycle to create their own smoothie & to see what distance was covered in the 60 seconds it takes to blend from Smoothie Bike. Find out more

  • Movement 2 Meditation hosted a range of fun activities including plank & press-up challenges plus some great prizes were up for grabs! Find out more

  • Life Drawing with HOP welcomed experienced and novice artists alike for a relaxing arty event offering people the chance to capture the ultimate wellness subject: a real-life human Yogi. Find out more

  • Plus, a variety of pop-up drinks tents, feel-good beats, and a selection of healthy food and drink vendors were hosted throughout.
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